Thursday, September 13, 2012

The story of Lupe

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The story of Lupe  
A man went on vacation leaving his Airedale at home with dog sitters.   In his absence the dog escaped and took off and was later found at a local nursing home.  The nursing home contacted rescue and told them—we have an Airedale here, don’t know who the owners are since he has no ID and we can’t keep him.
Rescue jumped into action and had a rescue worker immediately go and pick up the dog.  Rescue tried to find the owner by advertising, signs, etc.
The man saw the signs and came to collect his dog.  He was told to get some ID for his dog and to contact rescue if he needed any help in the future.
After a while he called rescue and said:  I don’t want the dog anymore, I don’t really have time for this dog.
The dog was turned over to rescue with some papers from the original breeder.  The rescue worker fostered the dog.   The breeder was contacted and gave her permission for the dog to be rehomed.  Then the dog was placed into a forever home.
Lupe now lives in Seattle.   A local dog grooming competition event was coming up and a local Airedale owner, who is a professional groomer, asked if she could use Lupe as the Airedale ‘model’.  Well, not only did Lupe get to be the model, the groomer and Lupe won First Place in their division AND took the Grand Prize in the overall competition!   You never know where those winning Airedales will come from.
Lupe in her Grand Prize hairecut!
Isn't she adorable!!

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Note From Lawrence Wertan:
I wrote the first draft back in the early eighties and I wanted to create the kind of feeling I had when I read Big Red, and The Black Stallion.  A unique, self-contained world and people and events that bound them together in a common cause.  I don't think it is my best writing, but its not as bad I think it is either.  It was fun, and I liked the characters.  I pretty much wrote it the summer of 1982.  One's talent rarely equals one's vision.  Best, Larry

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  1. what a great story! congrats to the groomer and Lupe! and thanks to Larry for his inside scoop!

  2. You are so beautiful, Lupe! Love the story!

  3. Great story ... they are all champions in our hearts.


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