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Lilly, a rescue story

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a rescue story 
how we failed at fostering(haha)
text and photos by
Steph MacNeill

July 4th 2011 we agreed to foster Lilly, a 20 month old wild child ADT.  She stole everything she could wrap her lips around, she nipped us, she jumped on us and the other two 'Dales and most of all she loved a good game of keep-away.  We have fostered over ten Airedales so we were ready for  this young goofy girl.  What we weren't prepared for was the unique relationship that Lilly and our daughter Sidney (6) would share.  Within a few days we saw Lilly turn herself inside out with wiggles and kisses when our daughter would wake up in the morning or come home.  Lilly listened to Sidney better than anyone else and I often found myself asking my young daughter to please call the dog in from the yard because she wouldn't come for me. Sid would call her name and Lilly would come barrelling into the house at top speed.  Lilly also got along really well with both of our other female Airedales, Groovy and Maggie, which in itself was rare.  Maggie (also a rescue) is very particular and for her to welcome another female into our home told me this new foster was a special girl.  Lilly knew it right away, she was here to stay.

Fourteen months have passed and the relationship between Lilly and my daughter continues to move me.  They snuggle, read and play together and just this month Sidney started a junior handler agility class with Lilly and they are an AWESOME team!  Watching their relationship grow and unfold before our eyes is a gift we would never have anticipated when we got the email about this crazy wild Airedale that needed to be surrendered.   Lilly is an exceptional dog with a huge heart for kids and we are so thankful that Airedale Rescue brought this funny, dynamic and very loving dog into our family and into our hearts forever. 

Lilly, the princess of the couch

    - top right to left-
 Groovy, Maggie, and Lilly sitting on the lower step

Walking in a Winter wonderland

The Zucchini Zoooooom

Watching and waiting for the ball to be tossed

Agility training
Sidney and Lilly

Great focus work!


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'Self Portrait'
by Robert Genn 
Robert and his Airedale, Emily.
Hand signed and numbered by the Artist
Limited Edition Print, unframed. # 346/350  
23"x 20"

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do. 


  1. The picture of Lilly sitting on the lower step is cracking us up! What a great story and such handsome pups!

  2. A wonderful story, Steph. I'm so glad Lilly found Sidney (and you and Ken).

  3. WOW what a great story--the love between little girl and her dog..that will last a lifetime. thanks for sharing

  4. What a beautiful legacy to pass on to Sidney, your love of Airedales and rescue work! I suspect like the garden party, they will continue to bloom together, what an amazing youth that Sidney is becoming! Congrats to Lilly on finding her forever home.


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