Monday, September 10, 2012

Chloe and the pond

Incentive Days!
Sept. 10, 12:01 am - Sept. 11 at 8pm EDT
see bottom for info.

Story of the day.
-Adopted, approx. 6 years ago when she was 8 months old. 
Chloe, in front our our koi and goldfish pond in Huntington, Long Island. 

 A few weeks ago, when I let her out around 7:30 am, she immediately started barking
very loudly.  I wasn't ready to go out and tend to the pond yet, but
poked my head out the back door to see what was going on and to bring
her in before she woke the neighbors.  Since she was focused entirely
on the pond, I walked over and immediately saw the water level in the
pond was dangerously low.  Since they were no longer submerged, the
waterfall pump and the filter pump were both making noises which caught
Chloe's attention. The fish were huddled together in very shallow
water.  I immediately turned on the garden hose and turned the pumps
over so they could start operating again.  Since it was raining the day
before, I didn't pay attention to the water level all that day and was
surprised at how much had evaporated.

If it wasn't for Chloe, I might have delayed too long and lost our fish.

We have had other instances where Chloe has alerted us to small birds
caught in the netting and have been able to free them without injury.
Even though she is a hunter and loves to chase the rabbits, squirrels,
birds, etc., she becomes a "Lassie" when animals are in trouble!

Chloe is such a joy and Jack and I can't picture life without her.

Good luck with the raffle this year --it's very beautiful -- and I
certainly can feel all the love that went into creating it!

Regards, Barbara Fruchtman

Maybe it's time for a shopping trip? 
 How about a lovely, one of a kind,
 tote bag to impress all your friends and carry home treats?
It comes with all you need to take your Airedale shopping.

Item made and donated by Kathy Patterson.
Tote bag filled  by Lydia Ross.

Tote bag approx. size-
14"H x 5" x 16"L
This tote is lined, has interior pockets(even one removable!) and a snap closure.
The straps are long enough to go over the shoulder or carry by hand.
It is made of durable fabric to withstand any heavy shopping.

Contents of bag include;
Flexi lead, medium size dog harness, cell phone accessory, 
tough dino toy, package of grain free dog cookies.

Please donate today!


  1. Good for you for staying on top of things, Chloe. You're one smart girl!
    The tote bag is too cute!

  2. Good girl, Chloe! It's amazing how fast those ponds drain!



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