Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rescue Tips from Rusty

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Valuable rescue tips from Rusty, a rescue volunteer.

always double collar / double lead
-- prefer bull nose clips on lead as they cannot be accidentally released
-- if you don't have an I.D. tag ready, use duct tape and make a tag on the collar with a sharpie

Don't do anything that isn't positive in those first 3 days that you are gaining their trust and proving their safety.
Do a meet and greet if you can / with your other animals.  Do it safely with assistance or using a "meet and greet pen or area".
Do NOT allow any fence fighting during this meet and greet.

Use a crate for the new arrival / rescue.  This is a totally safe space for the new one and makes it possible for you to control feeding with no food aggression involved.  I use the command "Kennel" for this and treat them.  This also gives you time to start working on a new name.
I put this crate right out in the middle of whatever is going on so they can safely observe.

I always escort a new one on a short lead, to any place I am taking them to.  (I use a meet and greet pen .... large dog run, in the beginning) I work on the recall every chance I get.

Each Rescue is different and is handled differently but some of the basics are always true:
-- keep yourself safe, keep your other animals safe, keep the new rescue safe an ounce of prevention thing is true here
-- first gain their trust of your certainty and your control
-- when you have that trust, then do stressful things like grooming .... 
if it is possible to wait

Always remember you are dealing with a thinking dog and you need to watch them and their body language to see what is going on in their universe .... and then work with it.


  1. What great information! Thank you, Rusty!

  2. We haven't fostered for a little while so reading this is a good refresher. Thanks.


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