Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obedient puppies?

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A closer look at the 
"Puppies in the Wheelbarrow"
 bonus quilt/wall hanging 2012.   

Original photo--Jan Williams
Block maker--Linda Bell
text by Jan.
The photo of the puppies in the wheelbarrow, that was used for the idea for the bonus quilt, was taken over 10 years ago.  They were from a wonderful litter born to Alpenglow Borealis Rose "Rosie" and Agustas William Bay McCray "Gus".  It was my first experience raising puppies, as well as my first time taking photos with a digital camera.  I learned a lot from both the pups and the camera.  There were suppose to be 9 in the photo, but that never happened, no matter how many shots I took.  After many attempts, and my son standing by to retrieve the escapees, this is the best photo we came up with.  There is a pup on either end, both more interested in what's on the ground than looking at the camera and a couple in the bottom of the wheelbarrow playing around.  So, there weren't 9 in the photo, but they were all in attendance. What a fun time it was with all those pups running around. 

original photo
The puppy on the far left is Leda, the one I chose to keep for my own.  She didn't make it to the final quilt design.  I told her it was because she wasn't paying attention.  The rest from left to right are Bounty, Bran, Dooley, Copper, Winnie and Andy (also not paying attention).    In the bottom of the wheelbarrow were Bay Boy and Bibbiana.

 The pinning and beginning of the Bonus quilt

 puppies come to life

to this wonderful bonus wall hanging.

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Book "Dear Mrs. LaRue" Letters from obedience school, 
Ike(stuffed toy) the dog from the book, and bumper sticker "Life is merrier with an Airedale Terrier."


  1. What a darling bonus quilt! and oh those puppies are sooooo cute! great work!

  2. Love this wall hanging and we love the story behind it! It's just beautiful!

  3. How neat!!! What a wonderful quilt block! It's nice to see Leda and Bounty when they were just stinkies :-)

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade


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