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Winner of place mats and box
Jeanne Esmond. 
Congratulations and thanks for donating!

Incentive Days! (2 days)
Sept 25, 1201 AM thru Sept 26, 8PM EDT
see info at bottom

Rescue story
Meet Duncan

Text by Debbie Butler, rescue volunteer.

Duncan came from an animal shelter in southern North Carolina where he was picked up as a stray. He had numerous wounds; too many to really count. It was apparent that he had been in quite the fight with another animal.  

When we did his chest X-rays we discovered that his chest was full of buck shot.  I cringe when I try to imagine what his story might be.

Duncan is one of the worst dogs we have seen this year in rescue and we’ve seen some dogs in pretty bad shape.  He was heartworm positive and has completed that treatment and is now in his forever home. 

Text and photos by Tracy Olson, Duncan's adopted human mom.

Here are a few tidbits about Duncan's new life with us.  I cannot begin to thank you enough for placing him with us.  He matches our personality perfectly!

Duncan is a jack of all trades.  He is a clown, a detective, a showman, and a cuddlebug.  Everyone takes notice of him.  He is tall and lanky, unbelievably friendly, and people are drawn to him.  
He is at ease wherever he is:  the car, the vets office, doggie daycare, or napping on his bed. 
Everything is an adventure to Duncan.  He is full of love,curiosity, and of course mischief-paper towels beware!
As soon as the collar and leash are on, so is he! He prances, hunts (cats, squirrels, and whatever happens to be moving, even crape myrtle blossoms), and of course struts his stuff. 
He has a 14 year old Lab sister, Savannah, who has shown him the ropes of living in this new place, and he has become her "keeper".   
We are so thankful to Airedale Rescue for taking him in, fixing him up, and for letting him become a part of our family.  

just drive! quit looking at cute me!                          
what have you got?

play with me!

I really need another cookie!

     Duncan has landed in a life of luxury.

recharging for another day of fun

Duncan with his 'sister'-Savannah
crossed paws of love


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Incentive Days!
Sept 25, 1201 AM thru Sept 26, 8PM EDT
Wooden Dish
hand carved and donated by Sue Senerchia
fashioned after the Straw Hat block
measures approx. 6.5" x 8.5"
made of Butternut wood.  
The flower on her hat is cherry wood with a maple center and maple leaf.

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do.
Please donate today.


  1. We are so happy that you have a wonderful loving home after the rough start you had, Duncan.
    Congratulations to Jeanne!

  2. Duncan---what a great life you have now. woohoo! and that is one fantastic dish made by Sue. I wanna win!

  3. I am so excited to have won the lovely incentive prize from Yesterday!
    Jeanne Esmond

  4. What a heart-warming story! We love our airdale pals!!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  5. Oh, Duncan, you sure are a lovely boy! I am so glad you are in a pawsome home now!!
    That Airedale bowl is AMAZIN'!! Beautiful work!



  6. So sorry somebody was so terrible to you Duncan, no dog deserves that! We are so glad you found your forever family, looks like you and Savannah rule the roost, you go kids!


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