Monday, September 24, 2012

Bailey and the butterfly

Winner of Airedale Playing Cards
Becky Browning!
Congratulations to you and thanks for donating.

Incentive Day
today only 
Sept. 24  ends at 8pm EDT
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Block of the Day--Bailey and the butterfly

Quilter--Carol Elsworth
Artist- Jane Miller

Bailey was actually my granddog and loved to chase butterflies - trying to eat them, I think..  She belonged to my daughter, Lisa, "rescued" from a friend who kept her outside in a small backyard.  Lisa worked so we dogsat much of the time.  Whenever we felt the need, we went and got her and brought her home.  She was an expert counter-surfer - and very competent at getting her own way.  She would sit by her cookie jar and wait, and if I said "No" she would go and get something of mine that she was not supposed to have, and I would have to chase her and bribe her with a treat to retrieve the item.  Lots of personality and not a mean bone in her body.  If I scolded her, she would sit with her back to us and then glare at us over her shoulder once in a while.  We never caught her on our bed, but there was usually a warm spot near the bottom when we retired.  Quite the character.  Lisa had a car with a sun roof, and they would go down the road with Bailey's head sticking out.  Quite the sight.

The picture you see is at six months old - the day of her first airecut - ribbon on collar from groomer.  I was truly devastated when we lost her at age 13-1/2 in 2003.  We had an English Setter rescue after that, sadly we gave away when John became so disabled.  She kept getting under his feet.  However, another friend stepped in and she now goes to McD's for breakfast every day, sleeps in bed with them, has 
monthly beauty appointments, etc.  She even rides in the front seat while my friend is relegated to the rear.  Lovely dog - she has a better home now than with us, I'm sure.  Very spoiled.  So now we are dogless but I did rescue a 'dale in April and transported her to a foster home, and I do occasional home visits.  Not many up here in the Frozen North.

From this...............

To This.....

Incentive day!
today only ends 8pm EDT
anonymous donation
brand new in package
4 place mats and 4 napkins
100% cotton,  hand embroidered butterfly design
Zuke's soft dog treats
Keepsake box, 6.5" square, 3" tall -solid wood, hinged, lined inside,
 top has tile inset -'The Airedale Bowl'  (art by Ann Curran)
click photos to enlarge

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do!


  1. What a character Bailey was! Your block is just beautiful! It's one of my favorites.

  2. what a cute block! and how nice the placemats have butterflies on them. Great job Carol!

  3. I love seeing the drawings near the finished appliqued pieces. You did a fabulous job with this block, Carol. Bailey sounds like the "perfect" Airedale to me!


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