Sunday, September 30, 2012

Final Day to donate online

Winner of the art by Robert Genn
Linda McCormick
Congratulations to you and thanks for donating
**Special prize for the person that puts us at $15,000**
see below

Today, Sept. 30, is the last day 
for online donations.  

You have until midnight EDT to donate,
after that, you will need to go to Montgomery  to make a donation.

-The prizes below will be awarded after midnight EDT as follows-

Garden welcome sign--will be drawn from all donors since online fundraising began on Aug.1st and through Sept. 30, midnight EDT

Garden welcome sign
approx. 10"w x 6"h
has a notch in the back for hanging, or can be used in garden.
Handpainted, custom designed to go with the
 Garden Party quilt theme.

made and donated by Carol Domeracki

Terry's Twistie--will be drawn from all Sept.donors 
from Sept.1st-Sept.30th midnight EDT

Terry's Twistie
made and donated by Terry Stevens
Features two handmade “Twistie” Airedales inspecting a large toad.  Miniature patio lounge “fainting” couch (where you can lay when you faint dead away after seeing the toad…) and matching table, miniature sunflower bouquet featuring miniature butterfly, and dogs are wearing miniature handmade collars, all set up on a miniature sunflower carpet.  Dogs’ eyes and noses are genuine Swarovski crystals.  One of a kind item.

The person that puts us at $15,000 will win this mug
anonymous donation
Snow Mug by Ann Curran

 Four views, same mug...

** there are very few of these mugs left, once they are gone--there will be no more.**


  1. WOW, I hope you make $15,000 that would be awesome! and I want to win that mug!!
    great job!

  2. What fabulous incentive gifts! We need to find our mom's plastic card in a hurry!


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