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Andy in the berries

Text by Lydia Ross-
Andy was a rescue that was an owner surrender. A divorce, and a job that kept the human away for very long stretches of time.  They did what was best for the dog, they called rescue.  He was groomed and neutered and then came to live with me when he was 15 months old, he was tall and lanky.  After spending time running, and playing he filled out and was 85lbs and 27in tall. He loved everybody, dog, cat and was just a happy big lug of a dog.   He loved to go in the berry patch and just sit there and eat all the ripe berries--he would hide his face under the leaves, as if that made it so I couldn't see him. haha

He never met a couch he didn't like.
Andy was a fun loving boy that loved large logs and sticks. He tossed them around like toothpicks.  
I was devastated when he died at age 5.  I only had him for 3 years, but he made me smile every one of those days.  

What better way to end the summer berry season, than with a pie!

This easy to make pie is a family favorite.  
The pie in the photo is blackberry blueberry.

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  1. We love that picture of you hiding your eyes, Andy! Your mom's berry recipe sounds awesome! We hope you got a taste of it when you were here on earth.

  2. What a gorgeous Airedale quilt! It reminds us of our friends Mitch and Molly and Wyatt and Stanzie!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  3. Yumm!' Love blueberries! And, just like you, Andy, my girls love picking the ripe wild blackberries off the vine. Hope you found a good couch at the Rainbow Bridge and are keeping it warm for when your Mom comes!
    Luann and the Trail 'dales, Airen and Derry

  4. Well Andy - I think Penny Berner hooked up with you at the RBB - We have our granddaughter's 10th birthday party to head out to later on today and I think I'll bring along your pie - just for fun. Thanks for sharing.
    The Berners - Nolan, Cindy - Odie (who sends his luv ) and Belle (a 'work in progress)

  5. Well Andy - 2012 has proven to be a busy RBB year so far - With all your new friends up there I know our Penny Berner has found you and shared some fun times with you. Penny loved berries - and Odie Berner - and grandchildren - and life as a Berner-dale and we miss her terribly. We'll be heading out to our granddaughter's 10th Birthday party later on today and I think I'll bring your pie - just for fun.
    With luv and thanks for sharing your life and your love -
    The Berners - Nolan, Cindy - Odie (who sends big slurpy kisses) and Belle (a loving work in progress)

  6. Love that picture of Andy; it always makes me smile. And I can attest to the deelish pie recipe. Made it for my family at Easter awhile back and now it is demanded, as a "tradition". The only problem is there are never any leftovers!

  7. Makes me miss my Andy. Aunt Lydia, thanks for the recipe. I think I'll try it today. I have some fresh strawberries and black berries that I have frozen. Maybe I'll mix them together.

  8. The photo of Andy in the berry patch makes me think of toddlers who think that because they can't see us, we can't see them. Five is such a young age. Any age is young to lose a beloved 'dale but we usually anticipate at least 8 years. Thank goodness for happy times and memories. Thank goodness he found you, Lydia!

  9. voteing for the airedales are an important part of helping out SOOOO lets all participate

  10. You quilters outdo yourselves every year. Each year I think this one is the best, and then the next year tops it! The Airedales appreciate all your work, I'm sure! And, of course, all the people who buy tickets too.


  11. That berry patch pic is great! I just can't get over how beautiful the quilt is!



  12. That is such a darling picture of your beloved Andy. I admit to really tearing up when I read that her crossed over at such a young age. They always leave way too soon. But you're right, Lydia, they fill each and every day with such joy and love. Here's to celebrating Andy! May his spirit live on. Hugs, Patricia

  13. Andy's mug still makes me smile every day as I drink my coffee at the office ♥♥

  14. To Andy, and to all Airedales that leave pawprints on our hearts.

  15. I made the pie today. Can't wait for it to cool so we can try it. It looks fabulous. Thank you Lydia.

  16. Aww Andy, what a sweet heart.... Love that couch picture :-)

    I will have to try making the pie sometime! Love Lydia's pies!


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