Sunday, September 23, 2012


Winner of the Wooliedale is Joyce Ferreira!
Congrats to you and thanks for donating.

Incentive Day!
Sept.23rd  ends 8pm EDT
see items below

-Rescue story-


Maizy was found in a high-kill animal shelter by our friends at Westie Rescue.  We raced out to the shelter only to be told we'd have to take a number and come back in three days to see if we were the lucky ones to adopt her.

It was an agonizing few days and we were at the shelter when the doors opened on that third day..  We "won!"  Maizy was ours to take into rescue.
She was spayed, vaccinated, tested for flea, tick, heartworm disease and groomed before being adopted by a lovely young couple who take her everywhere with them.

Maizy was lucky to come into rescue young, healthy, and happy.  Many of our beloved Airedales come to us malnourished, scared, sick and filthy. Rehabilitation takes time and money. Vet bills add up. We don't turn an Airedale away because he/she is old or sick. We take them in and give them the chance they deserve to have a good life.

Incentive prize
ends 8pm EDT today
prize is- 1regular playing deck and one game of UNO

Enjoy your favorite game of cards with this special deck. 

Each card depicts an Airedale in a hat of some sort. Ok, there are a couple of wanna-be-an-Airedale dogs on a few cards, but it's mostly Airedales.  There is an information sheet with each dogs identity. 
 I put a few cards out, so you could see them.  
The back of each card is the same design as the box. 

 UNO card set, in tin, has the AKC Terrier group.  Hard to believe but they did NOT include the Airedale!

Helpling Airedales, it's the right thing to do.


  1. You are a beautiful girl, Maizy, and it sounds like you found the perfect home!
    Congratulations to Joyce!

  2. Oh I love card games--perhaps the Aireedales will amuse you while you play? darn, I didn't win the Woolidale, but congrats to Joyce.

    Maizy--you are one lucky dog!


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