Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Garden Party Quilt lands in Australia

The Garden Party quilt is now safely at home in Australia with Sue Forrester and Bill Molyneux.
Sue has provided a photo collage of it's arrival. 
  I SO wish that we had a photo of her at 4am answering the phone call saying ' YOU WON!'..now that would be awesome.  

From Sue-

It looks just amazing, I still pinch myself that it is actually HERE.  Truly it's such a work of art, it ought to be in a Quilt Museum.

Picking up the precious parcel at the post office

the box is barely opened--can you hear the gasps of delight?

Sue slowly opening and unfolding the quilt
that's Reese in the block!

studying each block

View across the room

coming closer to the quilt

a perfect place on the wall

Sue and Aerem showing us the wonderful quilt.

Thank you Sue for sharing your Quilt with us
and thank you for buying tickets
and supporting Airedale Rescue!
In case you would like to see more photos(no quilt) of
 The Burrow at Wombat Bend

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Final Tally

All that donating exhausted us!  Time for a nap until next year's quilt event.
thanks for helping the Airedales!

$18,000+     was raised for National Airedale Rescue.
from August 1, 2012 thru Oct. 7, 2012.

Winner of the 'Garden Party' quilt is
Sue Forrester

Winner of bonus wall hanging
 'Puppies in Wheelbarrow' 
Janice Doerner

Winner of bonus wall hanging
 'Puppies at the Fountain'
Susan Widmar

It's been a great fundraiser and thanks to each 
and every one of you.

See you next year!
The Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happily Ever After, thanks to you!

Your donations made a difference in the lives of so many Airedales in need!

This year's profiled Airedales

Helping Airedales, it is the right thing to do.

On behalf of rescued Airedales, Thank you!
The Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The end of online sales

The real winners are the Airedales!

The winners of 'Last Day' incentives are as follows-

1. Winner of the Garden welcome sign is 
Sandra Swanson

2. Winner of the Terry's Twistie is
Dorry Lindsey

3.The person that put us at $15,000 is
Lela Criswell


That's all, folks.

The online portion of the 2012 Quilting Bee
 fundraiser is now closed.
A very sincere thank you, to all of you who made a donation, followed the blog or left a comment.
We appreciate your support, your participation, and your patience in reading the zillion e-mails directing you to the blog from your e-mail inbox or 
your Facebook page (and often, both).

We'd also appreciate any feedback on how this year's fundraiser was conducted. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog letting us know how we did
 or what could be improved.

If you would like to become a Bee member and/or 
volunteer for any jobs within the
 Quilting Bee please send an email to 


or if you would like to donate an item to be used for incentive prize for 2013 please leave a comment and we will contact you.

On behalf of all the members of the Quilting Bee, 
and thousands of rescued Airedales,


Libby Karier and Lydia Ross 
your promotions team

--Total online sales--
the remainder of sales will be added after Montgomery.

Final Day to donate online

Winner of the art by Robert Genn
Linda McCormick
Congratulations to you and thanks for donating
**Special prize for the person that puts us at $15,000**
see below

Today, Sept. 30, is the last day 
for online donations.  

You have until midnight EDT to donate,
after that, you will need to go to Montgomery  to make a donation.

-The prizes below will be awarded after midnight EDT as follows-

Garden welcome sign--will be drawn from all donors since online fundraising began on Aug.1st and through Sept. 30, midnight EDT

Garden welcome sign
approx. 10"w x 6"h
has a notch in the back for hanging, or can be used in garden.
Handpainted, custom designed to go with the
 Garden Party quilt theme.

made and donated by Carol Domeracki

Terry's Twistie--will be drawn from all Sept.donors 
from Sept.1st-Sept.30th midnight EDT

Terry's Twistie
made and donated by Terry Stevens
Features two handmade “Twistie” Airedales inspecting a large toad.  Miniature patio lounge “fainting” couch (where you can lay when you faint dead away after seeing the toad…) and matching table, miniature sunflower bouquet featuring miniature butterfly, and dogs are wearing miniature handmade collars, all set up on a miniature sunflower carpet.  Dogs’ eyes and noses are genuine Swarovski crystals.  One of a kind item.

The person that puts us at $15,000 will win this mug
anonymous donation
Snow Mug by Ann Curran

 Four views, same mug...

** there are very few of these mugs left, once they are gone--there will be no more.**

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lilly, a rescue story

**special note--all donors stub info from Friday will be sent on Saturday, thanks for your patience**

Winner of 
prize #1-mug-Mary Olsson
prize #2-cards- Ronna Miller

One day incentive
ends Sept. 29 8pm EDT
see below

****there is also a special incentive prize for the person that puts us at the $15,000 mark******

a rescue story 
how we failed at fostering(haha)
text and photos by
Steph MacNeill

July 4th 2011 we agreed to foster Lilly, a 20 month old wild child ADT.  She stole everything she could wrap her lips around, she nipped us, she jumped on us and the other two 'Dales and most of all she loved a good game of keep-away.  We have fostered over ten Airedales so we were ready for  this young goofy girl.  What we weren't prepared for was the unique relationship that Lilly and our daughter Sidney (6) would share.  Within a few days we saw Lilly turn herself inside out with wiggles and kisses when our daughter would wake up in the morning or come home.  Lilly listened to Sidney better than anyone else and I often found myself asking my young daughter to please call the dog in from the yard because she wouldn't come for me. Sid would call her name and Lilly would come barrelling into the house at top speed.  Lilly also got along really well with both of our other female Airedales, Groovy and Maggie, which in itself was rare.  Maggie (also a rescue) is very particular and for her to welcome another female into our home told me this new foster was a special girl.  Lilly knew it right away, she was here to stay.

Fourteen months have passed and the relationship between Lilly and my daughter continues to move me.  They snuggle, read and play together and just this month Sidney started a junior handler agility class with Lilly and they are an AWESOME team!  Watching their relationship grow and unfold before our eyes is a gift we would never have anticipated when we got the email about this crazy wild Airedale that needed to be surrendered.   Lilly is an exceptional dog with a huge heart for kids and we are so thankful that Airedale Rescue brought this funny, dynamic and very loving dog into our family and into our hearts forever. 

Lilly, the princess of the couch

    - top right to left-
 Groovy, Maggie, and Lilly sitting on the lower step

Walking in a Winter wonderland

The Zucchini Zoooooom

Watching and waiting for the ball to be tossed

Agility training
Sidney and Lilly

Great focus work!


Incentive Prize
anonymous donor
'Self Portrait'
by Robert Genn 
Robert and his Airedale, Emily.
Hand signed and numbered by the Artist
Limited Edition Print, unframed. # 346/350  
23"x 20"

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Safety tips and ideas

Winner of the 3 Airedale books 
Karen Olson!

Incentive prize is a one day event.
2 winners
ends 8pm EDT  Sept.28
see info below
THREE days left to donate online
Will we make our goal of $20,000?
we have a long way to go--but we can do it!

Tips and ideas on safety for you and your pets.

It's hard to know if your pet should ride in a crate or be tethered in harness while in your vehicle. While nothing can insure 100% safety, using some method is better than none. 
You can see a study done on seat belt harnesses here-
once there,  click on RESEARCH

Every pet should be wearing some ID tag-stating, name, phone numbers to call other than you.

Are you prepared for a mishap in your own home? Earthquake, flood, you suddenly take ill and need someone to come in and take over for you, etc. 

Here is a list of things that can help you 
be prepared for any emergency. It is not complete by any means, just meant as a guide.
You should also have an animal first aid kit.  Make your own or buy a ready made one. Here is a guide on how to make one http://www.paw-rescue.org/PAW/PETTIPS/DogTip_FirstAid.php

 click on text to enlarge


Prize #1

Airedale Rescue mug with a design from this year's quilt
made and donated by Lori Taylor

Prize #2
3 sets of Airedale cards
anonymous donation
1 pack rescue Airedale, 1 pack Airedale's and snowman, 1 pack Waterside Terrier cards(no longer in print)
all art done by Ann Curran

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tilly, a rescue story

Winner of the Handcrafted Airedale dish
Teri Murdock


Incentive today only!
Sept.27th -8pm EDT
see info below

FOUR Days left to donate online, don't delay, do it today!

-Rescue Story-


Text by Ali Pepe(Tilly's owner)

Tilly was adopted in May and is doing amazingly well in her new “Forever Home.” Here’s her owner’s story:

When she first came to me she was very skittish, withdrawn, scared - the list could go on. Now she is the most loving, caring, smart, typical Airedale. Everyone hoped that she would eventually come into her own and act like a typical Airedale. I must say, after two months she is just that! I am a school teacher and when I am gone Tilly throws what I like to call “Tilly Parties.” These consist of all of her toys pulled out of her basket and thrown all over the place. She likes to flip over her blankets, pillows, and she even goes for the dish towel hanging on the handle of the oven. (This leads me to believe that she does not sleep when I am gone, she just parties!) She thinks she runs the house, but in some cases she does just that. She is very well behaved and is doing better following directions and walking on her leash.

Her favorite place is her couch, mind you she must have a pillow and blanket on her couch at all times. Sometimes I feel like I run a small hotel and the only thing missing is a mint on her pillow! Tilly has made so many new friends around the neighborhood and even around town. She loves going to the dog park and playing with all of her friends, she is a very fast runner and an even better catcher. Tilly just recently made a trip up to New Jersey for the holidays to meet the rest of her family. It was love at first sight and she was spoiled rotten.

Words cannot describe the love I have for this little girl. I am very blessed to have such an amazing dog to share my life with. Thank you, Debbie and everyone from Airedale Rescue, for putting this sweet dog in my life.
Incentive prize
anonymous donor
Literary Day
enjoy 3 books that depict Airedales
To Aire is Divine--stories of Airedales
Presidential Pets--Presidents and dogs through Bush with Millie(yes, Laddie Boy is in here)
Crossing the Gates of Alaska--a story of a 600mile journey with 2 Airedales

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do.
Please donate.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5 days and counting down

Have you made your donation to the Airedale rescue quilt?  

There are 5 days left to donate online--after that you will have to go to Montgomery and donate in person. 

Please watch the video and be reminded of how your dollars help Airedales in need.

Click -


The incentive runs until
  Sept 26, 8pm EDT.

Wooden Dish
hand carved and donated by Sue Senerchia
fashioned after the Straw Hat block
measures approx. 6.5" x 8.5"
made of Butternut wood.  
The flower on her hat is cherry wood with a maple center and maple leaf.

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012



Winner of place mats and box
Jeanne Esmond. 
Congratulations and thanks for donating!

Incentive Days! (2 days)
Sept 25, 1201 AM thru Sept 26, 8PM EDT
see info at bottom

Rescue story
Meet Duncan

Text by Debbie Butler, rescue volunteer.

Duncan came from an animal shelter in southern North Carolina where he was picked up as a stray. He had numerous wounds; too many to really count. It was apparent that he had been in quite the fight with another animal.  

When we did his chest X-rays we discovered that his chest was full of buck shot.  I cringe when I try to imagine what his story might be.

Duncan is one of the worst dogs we have seen this year in rescue and we’ve seen some dogs in pretty bad shape.  He was heartworm positive and has completed that treatment and is now in his forever home. 

Text and photos by Tracy Olson, Duncan's adopted human mom.

Here are a few tidbits about Duncan's new life with us.  I cannot begin to thank you enough for placing him with us.  He matches our personality perfectly!

Duncan is a jack of all trades.  He is a clown, a detective, a showman, and a cuddlebug.  Everyone takes notice of him.  He is tall and lanky, unbelievably friendly, and people are drawn to him.  
He is at ease wherever he is:  the car, the vets office, doggie daycare, or napping on his bed. 
Everything is an adventure to Duncan.  He is full of love,curiosity, and of course mischief-paper towels beware!
As soon as the collar and leash are on, so is he! He prances, hunts (cats, squirrels, and whatever happens to be moving, even crape myrtle blossoms), and of course struts his stuff. 
He has a 14 year old Lab sister, Savannah, who has shown him the ropes of living in this new place, and he has become her "keeper".   
We are so thankful to Airedale Rescue for taking him in, fixing him up, and for letting him become a part of our family.  

just drive! quit looking at cute me!                          
what have you got?

play with me!

I really need another cookie!

     Duncan has landed in a life of luxury.

recharging for another day of fun

Duncan with his 'sister'-Savannah
crossed paws of love


Six days left to donate online
Show your support-donate today!

Incentive Days!
Sept 25, 1201 AM thru Sept 26, 8PM EDT
Wooden Dish
hand carved and donated by Sue Senerchia
fashioned after the Straw Hat block
measures approx. 6.5" x 8.5"
made of Butternut wood.  
The flower on her hat is cherry wood with a maple center and maple leaf.

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do.
Please donate today.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bailey and the butterfly

Winner of Airedale Playing Cards
Becky Browning!
Congratulations to you and thanks for donating.

Incentive Day
today only 
Sept. 24  ends at 8pm EDT
see items below

Block of the Day--Bailey and the butterfly

Quilter--Carol Elsworth
Artist- Jane Miller

Bailey was actually my granddog and loved to chase butterflies - trying to eat them, I think..  She belonged to my daughter, Lisa, "rescued" from a friend who kept her outside in a small backyard.  Lisa worked so we dogsat much of the time.  Whenever we felt the need, we went and got her and brought her home.  She was an expert counter-surfer - and very competent at getting her own way.  She would sit by her cookie jar and wait, and if I said "No" she would go and get something of mine that she was not supposed to have, and I would have to chase her and bribe her with a treat to retrieve the item.  Lots of personality and not a mean bone in her body.  If I scolded her, she would sit with her back to us and then glare at us over her shoulder once in a while.  We never caught her on our bed, but there was usually a warm spot near the bottom when we retired.  Quite the character.  Lisa had a car with a sun roof, and they would go down the road with Bailey's head sticking out.  Quite the sight.

The picture you see is at six months old - the day of her first airecut - ribbon on collar from groomer.  I was truly devastated when we lost her at age 13-1/2 in 2003.  We had an English Setter rescue after that, sadly we gave away when John became so disabled.  She kept getting under his feet.  However, another friend stepped in and she now goes to McD's for breakfast every day, sleeps in bed with them, has 
monthly beauty appointments, etc.  She even rides in the front seat while my friend is relegated to the rear.  Lovely dog - she has a better home now than with us, I'm sure.  Very spoiled.  So now we are dogless but I did rescue a 'dale in April and transported her to a foster home, and I do occasional home visits.  Not many up here in the Frozen North.

From this...............

To This.....

Incentive day!
today only ends 8pm EDT
anonymous donation
brand new in package
4 place mats and 4 napkins
100% cotton,  hand embroidered butterfly design
Zuke's soft dog treats
Keepsake box, 6.5" square, 3" tall -solid wood, hinged, lined inside,
 top has tile inset -'The Airedale Bowl'  (art by Ann Curran)
click photos to enlarge

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do!