Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sammie, a rescue story

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**this dog is looking for a forever home--can you adopt him?**

Rescue story provided by Sidney Hardie, a rescue volunteer.

When Sammie arrived in rescue in June, 2012, he was in pretty sad shape after years of hit and miss care by his former owner due to her deteriorating mental condition. After three months in foster care, he is a changed man! His foster mom writes: He was bigger than I expected, when he arrived, and much more lethargic. Just sad, I thought. Poor Sammie had to leave his home of 10 years. His elderly owner was going into assisted living and there was no room for a 92 lb. dog. Soon we found that the lack of activity had something to do with his voracious appetite. The results included all manner of unidentifiable matter deposited all over the house and yard, including an undigested corn cob. Two trips to the vet, an X-ray to make certain he didn’t have a blockage and proper treatment made Sam a bit happier and he settled in. He was friendly to our other dogs and all people; he just didn’t have much interest in anything. Who could blame him? Bad knees and elbows made it difficult for him to walk, his eyes were failing him; his diet was strict. What fun was life? Two months later, another vet trip, proper medication and who is Sammie now? He’s a 71 lb., hulking elephant of an Airedale who greets us at the door with high good humor and slobbery, excited kisses, who engages our other dogs in play of a gentle sort, who greets each guest with interest and a welcome, who snitches salad off the table and wakes us with large nose pokes. He smiles from morning till night. He’ll never go on hikes, but he loves a little walk around the neighborhood. He loves riding in a car. He loves all people and other dogs and is most “interested” in cats. He even loves baths. What a difference! Our old guy is brimming with personality, and though he does like his long naps, there’s plenty of energy to love his people and his playmates. Thanks, Sidney, for saving this loving senior dog.

Sam is ready for his forever home if the right family comes along. He will need someone willing to continue with medications and supplements for his arthritic knees and elbows and will make sure he maintains his proper weight. Any excess weight will stress his joints. He has had many yeast infections of the skin and ears in the past, largely due to inconsistent diet and medical care. We are hoping that with the right diet, he will not have further problems, but it will require someone willing to continue monitoring his health. Sam would probably not be able to use a dog door because of his arthritis, but he is completely housebroken. It appears that the pads of Sam's feet were burned at some time in his life .. probably when his owner did not realize that the pavement was too hot for Sam to be walking on. Sam is very sensitive to hot surfaces and will need grass or lots of shade in his yard during the summer so that he can walk in the yard. Sam would be a great companion for the right family.

 Please let us know if you are interested and spread the word that this wonderful guy needs a retirement home. Sam is being fostered in Tucson, Arizona.

 The Jackson Pack: Tigger (l), Chico ... Sammie's foster family.
All Photos published with the kind permission of Helen Dawson Curtis and Ann Jackson.

Chico seems to be saying--
 "I'm NOT going to look at him .. maybe he will disappear!" — 

 Sammie in July, 2012 -- enjoying his new garden

Chico says ... who the heck is this huge guy and what is he doing here?

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  1. What a handsome boy Sam is! We hope he gets that loving forever home!
    Love the WoolieDale! Carol's work is fabulous!

  2. Good Luck, Sammie! I hope you get the forever home that you deserve! Carol-What a lovely piece of Wooley Sculpture! Hope I win it!
    Jeanne Esmond

  3. Thank you, ladies, for featuring Sammie's story! Carol, another fabulous Woolie-Dale ... so many Airedale owners have so much creative talent!

  4. Sammie looks like a great 'dale for someone. If I was in a position to adopt him, I would in a heartbeat! Hope he finds his forever home soon!

    Love both the wall hanging and woolie. How many of us haven't seen the image of the woolie 'dale and the potted plant :)

  5. I want Sammie, the wooliedale and the wall hanging... greedy? Nope, just part Airedale--I want it all for me! LOL
    great work on all the items..


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