Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Little Chickadee

*special notice*
this lovely wall hanging, A is for Airedale, will go to the person that puts us at $10,000.
handmade and donated by Jeanne Esmond.

It's also another incentive days promo!
Sept.16, 12:01 AM- Sept 17th 8 PM EDT
see info at bottom

Block of the day--

Quilter: Jeanne Esmond
Artist: Jane Miller

An inexperienced Chickadee mom built her nest on a branch that straddled the sidewalk in front of my house. One day, one of the chicks fell out of the nest onto the sidewalk and disappeared. My big boy Sandy was rolling something around in his big mush. I told him to drop it and a Chickadee fell out onto the ground. It was  wet, but otherwise unharmed.

Sandy thought that the chick was his very own fuzzy toy and was not happy when I put it up on a fence post where he could not get it. The chick kept trying to fly, but each time it would fall to the ground with a thump. 
I put the chickadee back three or four times before it was able to fly away with its  mom.

During this entire time Sandy was bouncing around trying to reclaim his prize and the Chickadee mom was dive-bombing me trying to rescue her chick!

From this----
.......To the finished block

How cute this is!

Incentive prize
Cookie Jar
6" tall x 7" wide
Made and donated by Carol Domeracki

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do!
Please donate today.


  1. Love the Chickadee block and the wall hanging! You do beautiful work, Jeanne!

  2. Very cute story and adorable block, Jane and Jeanne!

  3. what a cute block!!! and darling cookie jar! are you at $10,000 yet? I wanna win!

  4. Love the story, good boy Sandy! The quilt block is beautiful as well as the wall hanging. And who doesn't need a kookie jar? ... here's hoping I win!

  5. You did a great job with those little chickadees. I think birds are really hard, especially when they are so small. And of course the Airedale is perfect! I like your alphabet block quite a lot - the Airedales are adorable and red is my favorite color. Thanks for all your hard work, Jeanne.


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