Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three Puppies in the Fountain

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Today's featured block---
Three Puppies in the Fountain
This is the center block for the 2012 Garden party Quilt

ARTIST: Patty Eisenbraun
QUILTERS: Becky Preston

From Rebecca:   Two years ago, a request went out on Airedale-L from a member who was driving cross-country. She was looking for places to stop and stretch her Airedales. Seeing as I was about 10 minutes off her route, I invited her to stop at our house. I figured it would be fun to meet a fellow Airedale lover, play with her dogs and have our dog share his big, fenced-in back yard.

The day arrived and not only did she bring her grown Airedales, but she brought along five puppies! We were in heaven! The puppies were so darling, (as anyone who has ever spent time with an Airedale puppy knows), inquisitive and rambunctious! Before I knew it, one of the puppies was standing on its hind legs reaching up into our fountain for a drink. I grabbed the camera and took a picture. Then, almost immediately, there were two puppies at the fountain, (snapped another picture), then three puppies, then four! Four puppies at the fountain and I actually had proof! One of these photos was the inspiration for the center block on the 2012 Airedale Quilting Bee quilt “Garden Party”. The image was so well liked, one of the other members of the Bee turned it into a beautiful bonus quilt for this year’s fundraiser. I am so honored they chose to use my photographs!

One puppy

Two puppies 

Three puppies

Four puppies

 The visit went by in a blur (sort of like the puppies) but I have very fond memories of meeting a fellow Airedale lover and her inquisitive, darling and rambunctious puppies!

This photo also inspired the Bonus quilt for this year.
ARTIST: Patty Eisenbraun
QUILTER- Joyce Miller

Dales at Fountain

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  1. I love this block and the photos that inspired it!
    The bonus quilt is a winner too! Beautiful work!

  2. What a cute block! and the artist and block maker captured that scene perfectly!

  3. This is the first time I've seen all the photos and heard the whole story. Adorable puppies. Wonderful quilt block!

  4. Adorable story, adorable block and fantastic bonus quilt ... you are all so talented!!

  5. The quilt is awesome! I can picture my own Airedale, "Aires" in many of these. And since I love anything related to a "garden" this is wonderful to me! Thanks for all the hard and loving work that went into it. Sydney


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