Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Incentive Winner and Block of the day

      Denise St.John! 
 She won the Airedale Welcome Shovel. 
     Thanks to all who donated!
This incentive prize was donated by Carol Domeracki of

Please continue to read the blog every day.  See below for today's interesting story about a 
Garden Party quilt block.


          --- Block of the day--
             Artist: Jane Miller                  Block maker: Cherice Jobmann

From Cherice--The block I did for garden party was called "Benched" . 
                It was drawn by Jane, but based on a photo of a puppy eating hydrangeas under a chair.
                                                The photo was taken by Rebecca Eash. 

A clever applique method--contributed by Cherice

When I'm doing applique, I  use a sheet of clear plastic to help me.
The plastic I use is cut from the plastic bag that curtains and sheets come in.
 But you can buy sheets of this kind of plastic at the craft store too.

At first I use the plastic to  "audition" the fabrics for the block. (see photo below)
To do this, I trace the applique pattern on to the clear plastic
And cut scraps of fabric from the fabrics I  want to use,
The pieces are not exactly the right shape, but enough so  I can 'get the idea' of what the block will look like.   

After I've decided on all the fabrics and prepared the individual pieces,  I use the plastic again  to help position each of the pieces on the background.  I use tiny straight pins to secure the pieces to the background.   I usually just pin one or two on at a time, starting with those that are supposed to be farthest back in the picture.   I then stitch around the piece before using the template again to place the next piece.

The audition of fabrics 

The finished block.

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  1. Cherice, I remember you mentioned this technique before . It's great to see a photo of how you do it. I'll have to try it sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great tip, Cherice, and your block is so beautiful!
    Congratulations to Denise St.John!

  3. I love reading the story behind the block and then hearing and seeing the quilting technique employed to design and sew the block. Beautiful work everyone, you are all very talented!

  4. Great job -- the block is adorable!


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