Saturday, August 4, 2012


Happy anniversary Lucy!
Lucy is a big, active, tall 5-year-old girl. She was released to rescue because her owner’s work schedule kept him from giving her enough exercise and attention.  
When she arrived, she was very overweight - but very, very active.  She is a bit of a bossy gal, so needed an experienced Airedale owner; enter long-time adopters Terri and Rick Johnson.  The Johnsons had recently lost their most recent Airedale (#5) and had said “never again.”  They just couldn’t face the heartache. But, you know how it goes ... it was all of three weeks before they had to have an Airedale in the house again.

When they arrived to pick up Lucy, all the HardieDales thought they were just about the most wonderful people they had ever met. [The Johnsons  revealed they had rubbed their palms with Natural Balance Beef Log just before they got out of the car ... a trick taught them by Connie Turner of Northwest Airedale Terrier Rescue.] Lucy happily jumped in the car and was off to her new life.  

Here is a report from the Johnsons shortly after she was adopted:
We have been all over like Rover for the last month and Lucy has weathered the new people, new environment, new homes, travel, new friends and boarding as if she has been at it her entire life!! She is a "hot mess", into EVERYTHING, very opinionated, full of energy, loves to play, beyond food motivated, prone to what we have labeled "the afternoon meltdown", suffers from Airedale selective deafness, is NOT bunny friendly - and we wouldn't have her any other way!!! She is an absolute love, sharp as a tack, funnier than 10 comedians and should keep us on our toes for many years to come (God willing).  Lucy is probably the funniest girl we've had and the most naughty!! Think that goes hand-in-hand.

And another update from just this past month:
Lucy will NEVER be without an attitude, nor will she ever lose her nickname "the opportunist" - but she has settled in nicely and continues to make nice progress in the growling, snapping, biting area!  She has had the realization that she is not the leader of the band!  Her intelligence, wit and "charm" are a joy to witness and, as all our 'dales - she keeps us laughing every day.

Thanks to donations to the annual Quilt fundraiser, National Airedale Rescue is able to help regional groups like SWAT vet, board and rehome dogs like Lucy. 

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do.  Please donate today!


  1. I live with a bossy puppy that sounds a lot like you, Lucy, isn't that right, Molly?!
    Happy Anniversary, Lucy!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly


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