Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Katie - SWAT

Story provided by Rusty of SWAT.

Katie was only 4 months old when she came into rescue after having been hit by a car.
I received a call about this sweet girl, asking what to do as they could not properly set the broken leg. A volunteer, who had helped me with transport in the past, went and got her and took her to her vet for proper care. Today she’s a healthy, happy Airedale in her forever home. 
Look at Katie now!

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do.
Please donate today!

if you leave a comment about the 2012 Quilt on the blog by 5pm EDT 8-23-2012
--one name will be drawn to win--  see winner below
The Organic dog biscuit cookbook kit by Bubba Rose biscuit company- it comes with cookie cutters and recipe book(no wheat, corn or soy!) 
The recipe book is on the right-it even has an Airedale on it!
and the winner is
Ruby Airedale!  Congrats to you.


  1. Have a terrific Thursday and Katie you are well cute.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a sweetie pie you are, Katie!

  3. Katie you are one lucky Airegirl and a cutie too!!!

  4. Miss Katie - you are going to have a wonderful life now you have found your forever home and you are looking sweet in your cap

  5. You look so cute in your hat, Katie, a perfect ambassador for Airedale Rescue! How lucky you are that they found you and your new family is so lucky to have you in their lives. Pinky

  6. Aww Katie, you're adorable. We love cookies, especially when Mom makes them. We'd like to win and try new recipes.
    Morgan, Sebastian and the Porties

  7. Katie, you are adorable!!! Love your cute little hat---you ROCK it!!

  8. Miss Katie, you are adorable!
    Dog biscuits..yummy!!!!!

  9. Katie, we are soooo glad you recovered from your accident and that your leg is good as you can run and play!!! We like to run and play and we also love dog biscuits....we hope to win the cookbook for our mom!!

    Your Friends in NC,
    Cookie and Sammy

  10. Wez are so pleased that youz made a good recovery :) My Humom loves bakin..and stuff for me wood be great :) I lives in the UK though..
    Big hugs Mollie xx00xx

  11. We are no airdales but we hope that we can participate too. WE are 3 cockers and 3 miniature pinscher (ok, also two cats but they are a bot strange...).

    Hugs... the Pfotengang (hm... paw gait??)

  12. Katie, we think you are Katie the Cutie! We are happy to know that the good vet was able to set your leg and that you have a forever home now. And oh my gosh, don't you love seeing Airedales on books, in newspapers, advertisements, magazines, etc.? We sure do! (In fact mum has a nice collection which maybe I could persuade her to start to put on her blog. from Hannah).
    Hannah and Nancy

  13. I don't know where my last comment went - but 15 happy Airedales in one place looks like a great party.


  14. That is a wonderful lookin' quilt!! I love seein' Airedales anywhere, but a quilt is especially nice!



    1. You are the Winner! please send an email to airegirl at gmail dot com

  15. Bummer, we just saw this on Mitch and Molly's blog, but we are Central time, guess we missed the deadline.

    Katie, you are a very pretty girl.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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