Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hannah's Hole

Story, block photos and incentive promo!  Read on!

Quilter: Nancy Messier                    Artist: Patty Eisenbraun

The story behind the block.
Nancy writes-  Hannah  came to us as a 2-year-old who'd been chained to a tree for too long, probably most of her life. That was about all we knew when we brought her home, except we were told that she probably wasn't housebroken.  (She wasn't.)  

She did not know her name or any commands, and did not even recognize that  people were talking to her.  She was afraid of everything -- people (especially men), steps, doors, lights, silverware clattering, a piece of paper, keys typing on a keyboard, the click of a camera -- everything!  Being indoors was a fearful place and everything brought a cringe and an attempt to hide.

While not completely at ease outside, she was more comfortable.
After she'd been with us a week or so, we felt safe to leave her alone in our fenced back yard for 15 or 20 minutes at a time. One day when I went outside to check on her, I found her firmly planted in a hole she'd dug near the steps, behind our recently clipped and scraggly boxwood bushes. She would not budge. The expression on her face was one of complete and utter defiance; pure stubbornness. She would not be enticed from her hole. In fact, her determination to stay overcame her fear of the click of a camera.  We let her stay until she chose to come out.

We’ve had Hannah for four years now. She still loves to dig behind the boxwood bushes, then plant herself and watch the world go by. I guess she thinks it's a safe, cozy spot.

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Here is Hannah's hole from beginning to end.  Notice the drawing and how it comes to life as fabrics are chosen and tried and changed until just the 'right' look is achieved. 

            Quilter: Nancy Messier                    Artist: Patty Eisenbraun

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  1. We love this quilt square and the story about Hannah. Beautiful job, Nancy!

  2. Loved seeing the transformation of the square from beginning to end, really brings home the appreciation for time and effort spent making it!


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