Thursday, August 9, 2012

Burly of Arizona

SWAT volunteer Carrie Deak spotted an ad for the Airedale, “Free to Good Home.”  She called and explained about the rescue option and got the extremely big boy to Rose McAuliffe in Phoenix.  Rose dubbed him “Burly” because of his size. He weighed 125 lbs.
He was only 3 years old but looked 10 years older because of the excess 50 lbs. he was carrying.  After two minutes of running he would be foaming at the mouth.

Today Burly is a svelte 70.6 lbs., and looking his proper age. He can chase balls all day long.  
A round of applause for Rose – she has given this handsome boy his life back!!

And how did he lose that weight? Here’s a follow-up from Rose with Burly’s diet:

Diet tip: High protien low fat grain free food .. 1 cup 2X a day, 2 cups green beans with the cup to curb the appetite..& a daily glucosomine and chondroiton supplement. At first, exercise was kept low so as not to hurt his joints, but he lost about 11 lbs in the first week changing from the six cups a day he was eating.

For treats, he would get 1/2 of a Costco bone or frozen green beans.. He still almost takes my hand off for a treat.

Treats are not given regularly in this house, but they do get some baked potato and steak or chicken if I make it.  Just a tiny bite!  I am afraid I've made awful beggars out of them though.

Just look at the transformation!

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do!
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  1. That is quite a transformation! You're a handsome boy, Burly!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. WOW! how lucky you had a personal cook and trainer! Burly, you look fabulous!

  3. Good job! It is so difficult to lose weight and stay healthy!

  4. What a great job you and Burly did, helping him get healthy! Just one more way to love your Airedale! He's looks (and I'm sure feels) great!

  5. Burly looks so much happier when he's slim and trim. Cute boy!


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